Garton Spin-a-Roo pedal car - working condition - NR

Garton Spin-A-Roo Pedal Car
No Reserve on this yellow and red steel pedal car manufactured by Garton Toy Co. in Sheboygan, WI.
This Spin a Roo is in really good condition -- you can tell it's old, but otherwise it looks great, with minimal rust or scratches. T are a few screws missing (see photos) but the pedals, seat, handlebars, tires, etc. are all just fine.
I know very little about its history, I found it at a garage sale a few years ago and it has been in my garage ever since. This item is being sold AS IS. Obviously, I am not an expert on this car, so ask all your questions up front and I'll do my best to answer, including sending you more photos, etc.
It will need to be partially dismantled and split into 2 boxes to ship.
Thank you!

Added on Tues, 7/14:
- photos of all the tires (one has some minor cracking on it)
- photo of the chain inside (it's rusted, but not rusted through)
- photo of underside
The Spin-a-Roo weighs 30 lbs.