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Gary Dunn

Keep them Laughing


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A double DVD set which shows you that ENTERTAINMENT and LAUGHTER are the two most important things to put into your children’s show. Learn from a master! Gary was a Redcoat at Butlins for many years and has learnt through experience. Now you can profit from his experience and apply his simple techniques to YOUR shows. If you Keep Them Laughing, you’ve done all the hard work!
Filmed live at a school in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, you’ll see Gary perform two very different shows: on Disc 1 , you’ll see The Magic Show , but perhaps that should be The Laughter Show! After Gary introduction, he has the children eating out of his hand. That’s followed by Axtell’s Off The Meter (a great rabble-rouser!); then there’s Twentieth Century Silks like you’ve never seen it before; a very funny balloon sequence; a puppet routine with Colin the Chicken; Practical Magic’s Picture Fun with a very different presentation and a hilarious Slush Powder routine called Watch the Water! In one sense, the tricks aren’t important: it’s the entertainment and the
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