[zipedit] GARYOKLAHOMA A really nice and well crafted authentic Native American Indian artifact. It is made from a really high quality beautiful material. The color and gloss make it a great one! It is undamaged with all tips and tangs intact. It is very very fine! This is the thinest point this length i have yet to see and the indian maker was a master at his craft. This was found in Oklahoma near Tulsa. It is an extra large example and no brainer authentic. I got it a while back and wanted to keep it but now i must sell. This is an excellent addition to any collection and will make a great centerpiece to any good color frame. Please do not be afraid to make a reasonable offer on any of my items as i really do want to sell this stuff! This is a collector grade artifact and is guaranteed to paper with any quality authenticator or your money back. Size 4.20 inches in length.
TERMS All artifacts are guaranteed authentic unless otherwise stated in the title or description. All items will be well packaged and shipped promptly to the address on your pay pal account unless prior arrangements made. My return policy is 14 days however arrangements can be made in advance to offer more time for Authentication. templette rock