Gary Larson Farside Desk Calendar 2002 Collectible

Far Side 2002 Last Impressions Calendarby Gary Larson The 17th and Final Off The Wall Calendar

This desk calendar set was touted to be the last of Gary Larson's famous desk calendars with their ridiculously funny cartoons. This desk calendar is unused and highly sought after. Check out our other auctions, we are offering additional items from a private collection. The inside of the box is printed : To whom it may concern: Someone once said you should always leave a party ten minutes early. Of course, that leaves you with the predicament of no matter when you leave, it's ten minutes too late. Before long, you're sucked into a black hole that makes you want to just stay home and feed chcken giblets to the piranhat. (Or is that just me?) Well, What I'm trying to say , in my usual comfusing manner, is that I believe it's time for me to take my calendar and go home. First, though, let me thank my hosts. I owe the fans of this little creation so very, very much. (Unfortunately, I don't have your names and addresses, os t's nothing I can do about it.) Seventeen years ago when someone from my publisher first came to me with this idea of putting my cartoons into something that would be called the Off-The-Wall calendars, I initially balked before being convinced. Subsequently, I made two discoveries: (1) These calendars are a good thing

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