Gary Schildt-Battle of the Little Big Horn-Curlee

Highly Collectible Gary Schildt Battle of the Little Big Horn Series Porcelain Sculpture.(Large Decanter) Curlee, Curlee was a Crow Scout for Custer. A decanter in a series of Five sculptured by Gary Schildt. BE sure to check my other auctions, I will have the full set on. Gary Schildt is a Famous Blackfeet Indian Artist and lives in Montana. He started his artwork at a young age, and does very unique work. His work is very collectible, and has done many sculptures, paintings, etc. In the 1970's he Exclusively Designed a number of series items, this is a Battle Of the Little Big Horn Centennial Series. T is a Set of Five figures, Check my auctions for the full set. This is number 2 in the set. T was a small set and a large set. One of Lewis and Clark, and the other of the Battle of the little big horn, etc. They were decanters for storing wiskey, they originally came with 6 year old Kentucky Straight Bourbon. T is no alcohol in this decanter, Some came empty with the top cork out. This is a numbered piece , Number 1909. This is in the original package, with all original paperwork and info. It has sat in the box since 1975-76 after it was produced. No damage all in mint condition! Labeled on the bottom is, " 1876, Designed Exclusively by Gary Schildt for Battle of the Little Big Horn -Collector's Number 1909, Centennial Series. (C) ... read more