Gateson Recko Universe Marble - Many custom features including 24k gold moon

I am offering this rare item for Sale to the general public!!! Rare Universe Marble!
Custom made by one of the world's top marble makers, Gateson Recko. Signed and dated 2013, 52 mm in diameter, making it one of the largest universe marbles by Gateson.
Features: - Starfield - Gamma Ray Burst - 24k Gold Moon - Opal Moon - Several planets, including an Earth and Jupiter
Gateson does not usually combine so many features into one universe marble, and this one is a beautiful example of his work. The opal moon floats just above the horizon, contained within the massive lens. There are so many different views contained within this marble, from the earth peeking through the delicate starfield, to the elusive gamma ray burst and gold moon just beyond. The back of the marble is beautiful in its own right, with celestial symbols created with precise dot-stacking technique.
Universe marbles of this size are not often on the market! This is easily the most impressive marble in my collection.
I have been a marble collector for 20 years.
This is an offer for people ( outside of the normal network) to own RARE hand made fine art. This is not a chance for someone to "come up" on cheap art at the online flea market... Please do not PM me Low Ball Offers.
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