Gathering Of The Gargoyles Convention Package - Autographed comic and shirt

The Gathering Of The Gargoyles was a long-running convention based around Disney's "Gargoyle's" IP; that cartoon from the mid-90's. The memorabilia package being offered came from the second-to-the-last Gathering convention, which took place in Chicago in the mid 00's, just before the Great Recession hit and ended the con.
Series creator Gregg Weisman was, at the time, lobbying unsuccessfully to wrest control of his creation back from Disney, which had been mothballing the property for years. He did manage to arrange for a new (short-lived) comic series separate from the Marvel Comics line, that officially continued the story from where it left off in the animated series. Tapping into the Gargoyles fandom for talent, he hired fan favorite Karine Charlebois to compose the artwork for these new comics.
"Bad Guys" is a spinoff of the aforementioned short-lived series that details what a collection of foes from the animated series have gotten up to in the meantime. The issue is #1 and autographed by Karine Charlebois (not pictured, inside cover) and another person involved who's name sadly escapes me (pictured, front cover). Listed date of publishing is 2007. These comics were only sold retail for a short time, as the Great Recession ended any hope of an extended print run; as such they are very hard to come by, autographed or
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