Gatling Gun model - USA 1883 - Hartford CT - Brass/Wood

Gatling Gun Replica - Brass and Wood

Gatling USA 1883 - Hartford, CT


Original Gatling Gun patented in 1862

Named for it's originator, Dr. Richard J. Gatling, this well-known gun was not the first machine gun created, as is sometimes thought, but certainly the name recognition is still t

The Gatling gun did not see much action during the Civil war for many reasons, a few being it's bulky awkwardness in the field (it was a horse-drawn weapon); the huge amount of ammunition it required, and questions about its reliability. The Gatling was a heavy, hand-cranked, 10-barrel weapon, later replaced by the automatic, single barrel Maxim gun.

The Army adopted the Gatling gun and used it to more success in the Plains Indians and Spanish-American Wars.

The replica weighs 3 lbs. and measures 15" x 10" x 7"

The only part I know is missing is the amunition hopper, which sits in a spot just above the plate reading "Gatling USA 1883". Otherwise, this is a clean, good-looking miniature copy of the original Gatling Gun!

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