2½ Gauge 2-2-0 Solid Brass Dribbler Live Steam (Superb)

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2-2-0 Solid Brass " DRIBBLER " Collectors Vintage Edition Rare

You are bidding on an unknown maker possibly could be scratch built & believed to be a 2½ Gauge , 2-2-0 Dribbler Loco, Live Steam . Solid brass construction with wooden buffer beam supporting brass buffers. As you can see it is in excellent condition and does have some superb detailing features.I am unsure on its actual age. Very good collectors edition & rather a rare & unusual edition to find.

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Measures: 19cm (L) x13cm (H) x10cm (W). As far as I can see & tell it looks to be all complete with its components etc. Heavy sturdy edition.

It is untested & sold as untested but I can for see that there should be any reason as to why it should not steam up well. My knowledge on steam is not good at all but I believe looking at the burner tray it looks like it would take burner tablets?, please obvious forgive me if I am wrong as said I don't run any steam only display my collection. Many thanks. Although it is unboxed it will be carefully packed for the posting/shipping of it.

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