S Gauge Track Cleaning Car

A custom made track cleaning car by North East Trains for Portlines Hobbies. The car has two pads on it, one pad is for cleaning the track, the other pad dries the track. The car is not meant to clean track that is overly dirty, but if used on a regular basis, the track will be clean all the time. The man and tank on the car is for decoration. The instruction sheet is with the car pictures. The car will be shipped in its original wrapper and box. The pads are washable, as I did wash the pads. Extra pads can be purchased from North East Trains on the web, for 2.95, one dozen pads plus shipping. The car has original AF trucks and the body is a heavy steel bar. It measures 8 and 3/4 inches long by 2 inches wide. It will over lap the track, so it needs 2 inches of clearance when running on the track. You use a 1/8 Hex wrench to remove the pads. A sample bottle of fluid is not included as written on the instruction sheet.