Gaul and Aquetaine Coins

The ittle bitty coin in the left photo you can pretty well make out the info. GAUL Tectosage 2nd-1st Cent. B. C. The back side of coin is blank and on the front it looks to me (with my magnifyer glass) a Polar Bear sitting holding a funnel facing a pole in front of him. Thats my guess. On the coin in the right photo, Mr. JM has written . . . Aquetaive, Bordeaux Bernard Guillousme AD brier . . the coin itself is extremely thin with some lettering on one side and a bunch of star designs on the back. An expert who knows what this coin has on it, is probably splitting his gut laughing at my description. What scares me is I have another 20 or so more coins like this to write up. UGH . These two teeny coins are from the John Middlebrook, Sr. collection, Lot #218