Gauntlet Dark legacy Arcade 100% dedicated and nice!!


Up for grabs is an awesome Gauntlet Dark legacy arcade machine. It is in beautiful condition with the side art in tact and not scraped up like you see on alot of arcade machines these days. The monitor is in great shape and as a extra added bonus....I am throwing in a FREE hard drive for it. (Always good to have a back-up)
Anyway this machine is for local pick-up only, normally I ship these things but have no access to a truck at this point.

Due to the fact paypal will rape me in charges on this item, this is cash only in person.

NO NO and NO checks.

As an added christmas bonus, I will waive the 8.25% Texas sales tax because I am selling this for my freind.

Sold used as-is, No refunds, NO returns, NO exceptions!!


Manufacturer: Midway
Year: 2000
Class: Wide Release
Genre: Scrolling Fighter
Type: Videogame

Monitor: Orientation: Horizontal Type: Raster: Medium Resolution CRT: Color Conversion Class: JAMMA+...........................................................................

C image.
Number of Simultaneous Players: 4
Maximum number of Players: 4
Gameplay: Joint
Control Panel Layout: Multiple Player

Sound: Amplified Stereo (two channel)

Description Similar to the previous games in this series. The designers have made each of the eight realms extremely deep and complex. Each realm has its unique challenges, from fire-breathing dragons to fang-toothed goblins to maniacal boss monsters.

Cabinet Information Midway West, formally Atari Games, made a custom cabinet for the game and later released a JAMMA conversion kit for Gauntlet Legends and other cabinets. Game Introduction This game is very similar to the previous game Gauntlet Legends except the players can each choose to be up to eight different characters instead of just four although the game can only have up to four players.

Besides the Warrior, the Valkyrie, the Wizard and the Archer, the four newest player characters include the Knight, the Sorceress, the Dwarf and the Jester.

Each of the new characters have distinct characteristics and fighting styles. The Knight uses a sword like the Valkyrie, the Sorceress uses magic like the Wizard, the Dwarf is a hammer-flinging fiend with awesome strength and the Jester can strategically lob bombs at his enemies. This variety adds new strategic elements to the game, especially when players are working together to play off each other's strengths. T are even special unified attack combo moves that players can activate by working together. The unified attack capabilities, combined with a full arsenal of unique weapons, dozens of secret codes and passwords that access alternate characters and effects, provide for an incredible variety of intense attack options during critical battles.

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