GAW92-44 Wood Elf Tree Kin

GAW92-44 Wood Elf Tree Kin
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New in original packaging, never owned or in a store. All miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled. This is the latest, most up-to-date version.

Athel Loren is inhabited by many strange and powerful beings, many of whom are as ancient as the forest itself. They watch over those that enter their realm with distrust and suspicion. In spirit form, these creatures are insubstantial and may appear as little more than glowing sps of light, though they can take physical form at will, and change their shape at a whim. In times of conflict these spirits can bind themselves to the husks of dead trees and fallen branches, making the silent form uproot itself and meld into a powerful shell with which they can oppose interlopers. Once the threat has passed or the battle is over, the spirits will leave the tree once more, a dark and silent shadow, bereft of life.

Tree Kin count as a Special unit. T is a maximum number of Special units that you can field, and this number varies with the size of your army.

The Wood Elf Tree Kin blister pack contains enough metal components to make one (1) random Tree Kin model out of three (3) possible variants. The model shown above is an example of just one of the ways you could paint your miniatures.