GAWMiners War Machine 54+ MH/s ASIC, Litecoin Dogecoin, Raspberry Pi Included

GAWMiners' The War Machine is an OEM product from Zeus Miner (pretty much same with Lightning X6, which mines as fast as two Thunder X3s.)
The War Machine specs
Easy Configuration A hash rate of 54MH+ An aluminum case material Power consumption of 1800W Efficient cooling Quietness 55nm ASIC Scrypt GAW chip Includes:
1 - War Machine Miner
1- USB Cable (to connect miner to Raspberry Pi)
1- Raspberry Pi with SD card (and mining software)
The Raspi is running the Minera mining sofware with optimum settings for the War Machine . You can just connect it to your network, it will grab an IP via DHCP, and then you can navigate to the Minera web interface via your web browser. Enter the default password ("minera"), configure your mining pools and you'll be up and running. It's pretty close to plug-n-play.
NO POWER SUPPLIES INCLUDED!!! You will need two 1000 Watt PSUs or better to power this beast. I recommend picking up some EVGA SuperNOVA 1000W 80 PLUS GOLD (or equivalent PSUs) here on eBay. These are not too expensive, but other PSUs, even server PSUs, will work fine.
When powering this miner with an 8 pin PSU (typically for regular computers) with 6 +2 pin connectors, only use the 6-pin connectors. DO NOT use the extra 2 pins to make it 8 pin. Using those extra 2 may damage
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