Gazette du Bon Ton - 1913, Pochoir Print - Arnoux

Gazette du Bon Ton Pochoir Print

Gazette du Bon Ton – 1913, Pochoir Print by Arnoux Description:

From 1912 to 1925 (with time out for the war years) the Gazette du Bon Ton set the tone for sophisticated style and taste for the art deco era. As a periodical, it was designed to be both expensive and exclusive. It appeared about ten times a year and appealed to the urban, well-bred leisure class of the jazz age. As a publication, the pages and prints were loose (not bound) and were enclosed within a stiff cover. The articles concerned entertainment with emphasis, on travel, theater, sports, restaurants and haute couture fashion.

The Gazette attracted may of the leading artists of the period to design plates for the publication featuring elegantly dressed women and men sometimes in a whimsical or fanciful setting. The latest creations were displayed from the top Paris fashion houses - Lanvin, Worth, Paquin and Poiret. Illustrations in the Gazette appeared both in the text and as separate plates or planches. Croquis plates were mainly used for new dress design illustrations. The planches were done in the pochoir (hand colored stencil) process and were highly coveted as decorative prints. The Gazette was able to obtain many of the top art deco artists to illustrate the publication including George Barbier, George Lepape,
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