GB 50 1st class Large Unfranked no gum Stamps on paper.

GB 50 1st class Large Unfranked no gum Stamps on paper.
Please note that these are the modern security types with tabs. They cannot be taken off paper after soaking in water. Please note some stamps may be on coloured paper.
Royal Mail advises that stamps that have been through the post as these have, should not be used for postage.
For philatelic use only as postage has previously been paid. Please note that some may be on coloured paper.
***Free Postage***
I use high resolution scans so please note that any strange colours, blips, blobs and alien life forms on any of the auction images are purely the result of the scan, unless noted here in the description all stamps are sound.
Please note that in small collections and miscellaneous lots a small minority of stamps if described as mounted mint [m/m] may contain; (a) Some heavily mounted (b) Hinge remnants/selvedge (c) Small paper adhesions (d) print uptake on gum (e) Gum cracking/contracture [if older stamps] (f) Sparce gum ........ This will only affect a small minority of stamps. Larger problems will be noted in the description. May also pertain to some used stamps also.
Multiple lots will be combined to reduce postage costs. Please wait to be invoiced before paying if buying more than one item. Many buyers ask me to put commemoratives [
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