GB Free Front. Bishop of Chichester. Signed. 1839

Bishop of Chichester


Hoke (?)


Bishop of Chichester

The Right Reverend William Otter (23 October 1768 – 20 August 1840) was the first Principal of King's College London who later served as Bishop of Chichester . He was educated at Jesus College, Cambridge where he was later made a fellow . He was appointed Principal of the newly established King's College London in 1831, and held the post until 1836 when he was appointed Bishop of Chichester.

Stoke or Hoke?

I am less sure about he addressee. The first line is not clear. The second line could be Stoke (there is a west Stoke in Chichester), but I rather think it is Hoke. A Walter Farquhar Hook (1798-1875) Vicar of Leeds became Dean of Chichester in 1859.

The Free Front

Signed ‘W. Chichester’ – don’t forget Bishop Free Fronts are relatively harder to come by than your normal Peer – there were only 27 Bishops who could sit in the House of Lords at any one time – entrance to this rather exclusive club was by strict rotation – i.e. someone had to die before the next was allowed in!

The red crown FREE handstamp is a rather fine example of a LJ28. Lovegrove notes about this stamp “probably the most used design and the busiest duty period of the whole Franking System. Dimensions of a great number
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