GB Set of Questa Photo NVI Machins UMM/ MNH

GB Set of Questa printings of the Photo NVI Machins Cat £16 UMM/MNH. Lovely condition. The set consists of:

2nd class SG 1664 (1 centre band)
2nd class SG 1664a (P.14)
1st class SG 1667 (2 bands)
1st class SG 1667a (P.14)
1st class SG 1668 (2 bands)
Europe SG 1669 (2 bands)
1st class SG 2124 (2 bands)
1st class SG 2124a (P.14)

Current face value of 3.70

This set consists of booklet only stamps and thus is often difficult or expensive to source.

Can sell and ship worldwide.