GB stamps QUEEN VICTORIA penny red 1d red

four used penny red stamps as per scan

I am dismantling my grandfathers large stamp collection which he gave me many years ago.

I have added to the collection on and off over the years but never really had much interest as it was too complicated with different watermarks colour shades etc etc.

The stamps have been stored untouched for many years in the spare room.

I will try and describe as best I can but please l ook carefully at photo and decide for yourself before bidding.

I am purposely dividing the stamps into smaller lots so that the stamps are enlarged in the photos for you to examine and also because not everyone wants to buy large collections.

I will also try to describe anything obvious about the stamps.

Ive sold quite a few stamps now from the collection and from the feedback I received it seems bidders were happy with their purchases.

***maximum postage charge of 75p for multiple purchases of stamps to same address unless the sale value exceeds £10 where I will send it registered post and it will cost £1.40***


Then You dont pay for multiple postage costs if you have won more then one item