GBD Bronze Velvet #269 Bulldog Estate Pipe

I am selling some of my accumulation (I started out a collector, but, you know, it's a slippery slope from "collector" to "accumulator"!).

's a GBD Bronze Velvet #269 Bulldog with ISSUES ! First, the stamping "GBD over Bronze Velvet, London Made, #269, is very faint, from, I guess, polishing. Second, and perhaps of greater concern, is a small crack in the stem between the gold colored metal logo (Bronze? Gold?) and the end of the shank. The end of the stem has a couple of tooth indentations. The bowl is in good condition with a few slight indentations. It smokes great. (See photos) The shape is defined as a bulldog, straight, diamond.

Natural finish swirled bronze acrylic bit.

The pipe is 6" long with a 1-3/4" diameter bowl with a 7/8" tobacco chamber.

"One of the ultimate GBDs! Only the choicest natural bowls were selected for this premium offering. The crowning touch is the handcut mottled Bronze Velvet stem blending in complementary contrast to the bowl." -Oppenheimer GBD catalog. (1976)

's a list in probable descending order of grade:

Pedigree I
Pedigree II
Straight Grain
Bronze Velvet

The GBD company was founded in Paris France in the 19th century by Ganeval, Boundier and Donninger who were
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