GDR Handcuffs / DDR Handschellen

In this auction the pictured handcuffs are sold. This model of handcuffs has been used by the east german police, the "Volkspolizei". Of course handcuffs are quite secure, since these handcuffs feature a hinge insteda of a chain they are even more secure. Even if the prisoner has got the key...he can't reach the keyhole.
The handcuffs feature a double-lock, that means that the bows can be fixed. By doing so the handcuffs cannot get tighter and so allow for a good circulation.
The handcuffs weigh about 14.1 oz, they can be adjusted in a wide range from 2.1 x 2.3" to 2.1 x 3.2".
The cuffs are used, they work, a few drops of oil most certainly will do some good.
Postage according to regular postage rates. Starts at the equivalent of 2,20 Euro for Germany, 6 Euro for Europe or 12 Euro worldwide. Actual postage depends on your choice of shipping (economy, airmail, insured, registered). Combined shipping is of course available.
Offered payment options : Paypal, cash (when you pick up the item yourself) and wire transfer to german account. Other payment options on request.
In dieser Auktion werden die abgebildeten Handschellen verkauft. Dieses Handschellenmodell wurde früher von der Ostdeutschen Polizei eingesetzt, der "Volkspolizei". Natürlich sind Handschellen recht sicher, da diese Handschellen ein Gelenk anstatt
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