GDW, ASSAULT; Tactical Combat in Europe: 1985, Series Game 1, Unpunched, +BONUS

ASSAULT; Tactical Combat in Europe: 1985 (alternately entitled, "ASSAULT; Tactical Combat in the 80's" , as printed on the rules booklet), Game 1 of the Assault Series, designed by Frank Chadwick, published by Game Designers' Workshop (GDW) in 1984, Second Edition, #471.

ASSAULT is a tactical level simulation of ground combat in Europe in the mid-1980's. As modern tactical combat is a subject of extreme breadth, ASSAULT comprises the first in a series of games. Complete by itself, this game covers mobile engagements between U.S. and Soviet tank and mechanized forces. The unit counters represent platoon and section-sized units and each hex of the game map covers 250 meters of actual terrain. ASSAULT allows the player to recreate everything from company level meeting engagements to full regiment/brigade level assaults. The rules cover all aspects of modern equipment, but stress flexibility, initiative and command control.

Unit Scale : Platoon/Section sized units

Time Scale : 5 minutes per turn

Map Scale : 250 meters across each hex

Number of Players : Two

Playing Time : 2-4 hours per scenario

Complexity : Advanced (moderately high)

Solitaire Suitability : Moderately Low

This game is 100% Complete , in LIKE-NEW condition, is UNPUNCHED and contains the following components:
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