GE Automatic glass vacuum coffee pot percolator magnet

's another nice pot that makes a great HOT cup of coffee! Put the water in the bottom pot with the metal clip snapped in place as shown and the glass rod filter inserted in the top pot. Glass filter is included, but not shown. Put the pots together, put the coffee in the top pot, put the cover on, put the pot on the burner, plug it in and press the red button. The red button raises a magnet in the center of the burner, and the metal on the bottom of the metal clip holds it up. The water will boil up into the top pot, past the glass filter, mixing with the grounds. The stem of the metal clip will also raise once it's been pushed enough by the bubbling water, and the magnet will drop, turning the burner off. Once the bottom pot has cooled sufficiently, the coffee will be sucked down into the bottom pot, leaving the grounds in the top. T is a red indicator light next to the red button. This light goes on when you plug the base in, and off while the burner is on. It lights again after the burner shuts off to tell you the heating is done.

The rubber seal between the pots is good, and I did try this with water. I tried it several times, and sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. Perhaps the magnet needs re-energizing? A cord IS included, although it's not shown in the pictures.

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