GE Vortalex 12" Fan 3 speed FM12V1

Here is a nice looking vortalex. It has 3 speeds and oscillates smoothly. The blades are balanced and it does spin nicely, Usually the motors on these run pretty hot. The motor on this one just gets warm and thats about it. The low speed seems a little slow to me but it may be normal. I havent had enough of these to know for sure. I did run it for an hour on low and it seems perfectly smooth and the motor just stays the same warm temp. Its missing the felt on the base cover and one of the handle screws is missing. I may run to the hardware store and grab one before the end of the auction and if I do I'll add it to the fan. If not, its about a 40 cent screw. I put a new cord on because the original was dryrotted. The headwire still looks great though. Please ask any questions before bidding. Its an antique fan and I'm selling it as is. I do guarantee it will run when you get it and it wont be damaged in shipping.