Gem cutting water geyser sprayer spritzer lapidary rock

Dual solid brass spray geysers--the GemSpritzer !
This was a prototype for a kit for spraying gem cutting
wheels, such as those found on machines like the Genie,
the Pixie, Highland Park grinders and combo units,
Star Diamond, Lortone and others.
Rock hounds and gem cutters often prefer the spray
method of irrigating the cutting wheels, rather than
the old "piped-in" irrigation from water line.
The pump--which is new-- provides 800 ccs per min
to the spritzer, immersed in water, which shoots spray upward
from approximately 2" to 6".
Move the spritzer from wheel to wheel as you cut.
Dual spritzers allow one for each pan on the Genie.
[See my other auctions for a single spritzer version of this,
if you still have the stamina to move the geyser under the
wheel you're working on!]
Instructions and pump card included,
and about 18" of tubing and splitter--
just what you see in photo.
Much less expensive than original equipment
geysers, about half the price.
Pump has a 1 year manuf guarantee, or better.
Works fine, last a long time!

Please read the ENTIRE auction description, okay?
Buyer pays for shipping of 2 lbs. from Mission Viejo CA 92692.
CA residents also pay 7.25 % state sales tax.

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