GEM Honduran Black Matrix Opal--Unbelievable PIN FIRE

Blazing Pin Fire of every color in this piece. Totally mesmerizing.

Totally solid, all workable material. This gem weighs in at 42 karats soaking wet.

Honduran black matrix opal is a bit of an anomaly as far as opal types go. The host material is basalt. As this material is forming the relative density's of the basalt and opal "soup" are such that the opal material does not have anyw to go--it can't form seams or nodules. It congeals in the minute air pockets of the basalt-hence the multitude of Pin Fire found in the best specimens.

Buying Tip-some Honduran Black Matrix opal only has thin seems or bands of Pin Fire-quite beautiful but not very extensive through the basalt matrix.

Important polishing tip for this material will be passed on to the winning buyer, if they like (you might be surprised at what it is, especially for opal!).

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