GEMCORE: 136g Rainbow Bismuth Crystal Display Specimen Educational USA Grown

Material: Bismuth
Origin: United States Weight: 136g
Dimensions: 2.8" Measured In Longest dimension point to point.
Beautiful Large Rainbow Bismuth!
This Top-Quality Bismuth Specimen displays great intricacy with Brilliant state of the art Rainbow Colors!
It's a 99.99% pure Bismuth Crystal Cluster, lab grown right here in the USA.
Looks great from any angle!
You will receive the exact Specimen shown in the pics.

About bismuth:

Bismuth is a metallic chemical element with some fascinating properties. With the atomic number 83, it is 86% as dense as lead, making it curiously heavy in the hand.

It is also the most diamagnetic natural substance which means it is actually slightly REPELLED by a magnet.

Bismuth is one of only a few substances, water being another, that actually expands upon freezing (solidifying).

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