Gemini 1/400 Aircraft Collection

Selling my collection of 1/400 scale Gemini and a few 1/400 scale Dragon diecast commercial airliners. T are twenty two (22) total. All are new, in original box, excellent condition overall. Included is the rare Delta Tristar L-1011 in this collection. I will only sell the entire collection in one lot, no individual items sold, so please do not ask. What follows is a complete list by aircraft type: Photos are only about 15 0f the 22 actual models.

B727-200 Continental, Air JAmaica, Delta Boeing 767-300: Delta, Hawaiian,

L-1011 Tristar : Saudi Arabia, ATA, Delta (rare) Boeing 767-400: Delta

DC-10 : Gemini Air Cargo MD-82: American

MD-11 : Fed Ex, Delta (2) B717: Impulse

Boeing 747-400: British Airways(Poland) (2), Virgin (Seagull), British Airways, Northwest Worldplane

B 737-800 North American

B757-200 RARE TWA with American Airlines livery (hologram on box)

Buyer pays shipping (UPS) or USPS. To be calculated based on location/weight