Gemini Sound Products XM-16 Professional Microphone UHF

For sale is an opened box (never used) like new Gemini XM-16 UHF wireless microphone. These microphones are commonly used with DJ's and karaoke systems. If you go to a karaoke bar you can bring your own microphone if they use the same frequency range. This microphone requires a Gemini 16 channel UHF receiver to operate. It will work in the newer 682-698 Mhz frequency range systems. It has never been used and looks like new, but I did lightly scratch my initials in the bottom w it's hard to see. You'd never notice unless you search. You may be able to see this in the second picture

I purchased this microphone new in June 2009 taken out of a carton UX-16M system that contained a transmitter and receiver system. But, I discoverd that I can't use it because my receiver is an older receiver (UX-1620) that uses the 790-806 Mhz frequency range. I don't want to try to return it because I lightly scratched my initials on the bottom before I even checked to see if I had the correct microphone.

This microphone operates on any one of 16 selectable channels using the frequency range of 682-698 Mhz. It has four switches inside the battery compartment to manually select a channel to match a channel on the receiver. The four switches can be combined to offer 16 different channel combinations. This is Gemini's newer frequency range
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