Natural Green Kyanite Wand

These gems are hard to find, but always a treasure when we come across a batch. This transulent green kyanite is gemmy with a blue streak right in the center that glows when caught in the light.

Weight: 7.1 grams

Measures: 4.1 cm x .80cm x .60 cm

Green Kyanite helps one connect with the truth of the heart. It can aid one in discerning truth in one's environment, whether one is listening to the TV news or to a friend or family member. If someone is or is not speaking from the heart, one will know it. It is not necessarily a 'lie detector', but it is a sincerity detector. Having this stone around also helps one live from the heart's truth. This is very rewarding because being in the heart's truth means one is not looking outward for answers. Also, Green Kyanites can powerfully enhance dream life, and can facilitate getting into the lucid dream state. For this, it should be placed in the pillowcase or taped to the third eye

Kyanite is an excellent stone for meditation and attunement. This powerful stone amplifies high frequency energies and stimulates psychic abilities. It aligns the chakras and is restorative to the physical body. Kyanite dispels blockages, illusion, anger, frustration, and stress. It increases the capacity for logical thought and stimulates the
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