Gen. J. H. Morgan, Ohio, BLACK Civil War Commem. Plate

You are bidding on one (1) commemorative plate produced by W. C. Bunting Co. This plate was produced for the Columbiana County Historical Association in Ohio in 1963 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Morgan's Raid. In that raid General John Hunt Morgan, a Confederate Cavalryman, led his troops to Ohio, establishing the farthest northern point of the Civil War.

The plate is 9 7/8 inches in diameter. It has a creamy white body. The pictorial decoration is dark blue within a dark blue line. The outer edge has a gold line around it. The center of the plate depicts General Morgan with his sabre directly below his picture. Around his picture are a train, a sketch of charging cavalry troops, and the Whitacre House in Wellsville, Ohio w he was held after his capture.

The back of the plate has the following information in blue:"General John Hunt Morgan, 'The Thunderbolt of the Confederacy' and his cavalry raiders brought the war home to Ohio in 1863; 'The Farthest Point North Reached By Confederate Troops During the Civil War.' Morgan and his staff were taken to Salineville and placed on a vintage train for Wellsville. He stayed in the Whitacre House, July 26, 1883 and left his sabre with Host Whitacre. It is on display in Wellsville's River Museum. William B. Campbell of Andrews Raiders fame was from Salineville;
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