Gene Colan Captain America #116 Rare Production Art Pg 1

Gene Colan Captain America #116 Rare Production Art Pg 1


Here Is a Rare Production Art Piece! The Images Are Extremely Vibrant And Stunning! These Production Pages Showcase What Classic Artwork Was Produced For This Series! See Scans! This Great Page Exemplifies Great Comic Art Production Work What A Classic Page! These Production Pages Are Rare and A Part Of Comic History. Don't Miss Out Once Sold It Is Out Of Circulation!

This Page Really Is Beautiful! See Scans! It Was History In The Making!

I Personally Obtained These Over The Last 26 Years!

The Auction Is For Two Seperate Transparencies Only, The Art Page And The Word Balloon Overlay Page When Placed Together They Form The Page As Originally Printed.

Bidding Starts At Only $9.95 !

This Page Is Valued At Well Over $130.00 Comic Book Production Art And Color Guides ( Such As Transparencies, Overlays, Stats or Resized Art Page Guides ) Have Been Lost To Computer Coloring Software And Are No Longer Created. Prices And Collectability Have Soared In The Last Decade Especially For The More Sought After Artists! There was generally only one! transparency and or proof to a book or graphic novel, and is considered rare production art. Pages listed are either from graphic novels, reprints, or newer printings.
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