Gene Sterling, Listed Laguna Beach Modern modernist oil Tree landscape abstract

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ARTIST: Gene Sterling (died 1986) (Laguna Beach, California) (Hollywood Film Maker, 1960s)

SIZE: 20x24 unframed

MEDIUM: acrylic on canvas panel

CONDITION: in good condition - bright and well kept. Sold unframed and as found.

REF: Fine example by mid Century California modernist, Gene Sterling. Active in the 1960s and 70s in Laguna Beach, California. Oil on canvas panel. Listed: Rediscovered California Artists, Film Maker (Teenagers From Outer Space, Halfway to Hell (1961). Acrylic modern -mid Century California modernist. Works appear to be on the rare side.

STERLING, GENE (died in 1986) --- mid Century California painter. Producer of low budget Hollywood 60s era films "Teenagers from Outer Space" and 1961 "Halfway to Hell". Active in Laguna Beach as a painter in the 1960s and 70s. Studied under Leon Franks and Ben Bevill (also a Laguna Beach artist). His work includes modernist abstract style painting with bright colors and mystical themes. Sterling also painted coastals and matador themed paintings. Signed works, "Gene Sterling". Credit: Rediscovered California Artists

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