General Fire Guard Pump Brass Fire Extinguisher

"WARNING: EXTINGUISH FIRE PROMPTLY..." with this "GENERAL 'QUICK AID' FIRE GUARD" "HEAVY DUTY MODEL 85" one quart, hand pump brass fire extingguisher. Made by "THE GENERAL PACIFIC CORP.","LOS ANGELES, CALIF. U.S.A.", "SAN FRANCISCO, SEATTLE", "PATENT NOS. 2,340,471 2,326,861 2,256,902" All you need do is "TURN HANDLE AND PUMP". Inspected by "Underwriters Laboratories, Inc", "CLASSIFICATION B-2 C-2. No. M284280". Handle unscrews from secure setting and piston moves freely but needs some lube. Overall good condition, needs polished and cleaned up a little. Empty of all original contents.

Closed 13-1/2" long x 2-7/8" dia.