General Hawk Loose Complete C9 1986 GI JOE

We just picked up an entire run of MINT/NM figures and vehicles from 1982-2007. Please keep checking back periodically. We have 1000s of items to list. Most of the figures that I am listing are top notch!

Thanks for looking in my store. When I list my figures at a C9.5, I MEAN they look as if they just came off the card. They might have a very minor factory defect, and that's it! C-9s will have just a very slight bit of play wear, nothing major. C8.5s will have just a small amount of wear to them. I am very picky; I am sure you will be happy. I always offer 100% money back if you are not satisfied (minus the shipping).

This is a C9 loose complete General Hawk. He is 100% complete .


USA: 3 figures for $2.50. Each additional figure is .25

Canada: 2 figures for $6.55. 3-4 figures for $7. 5-6 figures for $8.

Rest of the World: 2 figures for $6.55. 3-4 figures for $9. 5-8 figures for $11. 9-12 figures for $13.

Please contact me if you have any problems.

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