General Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright IV Autograph Letter

You are bidding on a General Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright IV Autographed Letter. The person Norma Bingham is deceased. The information I have is from her surviving niece. What she remembers is that her Aunt wrote a letter to this General that purchased a horse of hers. The letter mentions a gray horse but the horse in the pictures is white, so I don't know for sure if that is the horse mentioned in the letter but the niece says that is Norma on the horse as a little girl and as a young adult. This is all I know about this letter. More research would probably have to be made. You will be getting the envelope, the letter, and the two pictures. I have not attempted to get this signature verified by a professional. I can not tell if this signature has been auto-penned if that was being done at that time by a secretary. I have compared signatures of others that has been sold at auctioned, and even though I am not a professional document examiner, it is similar. All I can verify is what has been told to me. I have darkened the scans a little so that it is more readable, I also scanned a close up of the signature. I have seen this generals signatures go for around 30-120$. Below I will post a brief history of this general. Thank you for looking into my auction and .
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