GENERATION THREE Furby With Tag "Pink Flamingo" 1999 13 Years Old!!! RARE!!!!

Generation three! Released in June 1999 so this little gal is 13 years old!!!!!
Still has his original tag, care label and plastic "furby original tag"
Approx 5-6 inches high
She is "pink flamingo". She was very sought after when she was first released as she was the brightest furby around! She has different shades of pink fur with pink hair and tail. She has beautiful burnt orange and brown eyes and her eyelashes are intact and in great condition.
She has never been played with however please bear in mind that she has signs of wear attributed to being in storage for 14 years ie. she is a bit dusty and her ears are a little bobbly at the back however she is surface washable and other than that she is in great condition no stains or marks.
I know nothing about how these things work ( I have my info off the net) and I'm not really sure what they are supposed to do but if you message me with your email address I can email you a video of him working if you wish.
Batteries will not be included to ensure that they don't leak whilst being shipped. She takes 4 x AA batteries
Please feel free to ask me any questions or request any more pictures.
Sorry I do not ship to italy or Africa.

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