Genesis / 1st Same Japan TOUR ED LP DIF + 4 BONUS TRACK

Genesis / Same ( From Genesis to Revelation )

Japan Tour Edition LP

London GXH 1054

Appendices: "Different Cover", "Insert" & "4 Bonus Tracks"

( OBI is missing )

Description: This is scarce Japan TOUR Edition copy ( released in 1978 ) of their 1st album, comin' with cool different cover. This Japanese copy was specially issued in limited supply to commemorate their Japan tour in those days. The cover is completely different from UK copy. In addition, 4 bonus tracks are added ( SideA-1 & 2 / B-8 & 9...See following track-list ). Though obi is missing, it's still hard t o find in any condition even in my country nowadays. Scarce item from far east to serious collector.

SideA: The silen sun, That's me, W the sour turns to sweet, In the beginning, Fireside song, The serpent, Am I very wrong, In the wildernerss,

SideB: The conqueror, In hiding, One day, Window, In limbo, Silent sun, A place to call my own, A winter's tale, One eyed hound,

Condition: VG/NM- (Cover/Disc)

COVER : Cover is good condition, except for light ring-wear on front & back. It's lightly scraped on the surface of each side, with a vertical scratch ( not deep ) on the left-rim of front. Otherwise no tear, edge-wear, dent, strip, stain & writing...OK.

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