Genius Of Michelangelo - Sterling Silver - 76 Troy Oz.

The Genius Of Michelangelo
60 Medals - Approx. 77 Troy Ounces of Solid Sterling Silver
You are bidding on a first edition proof set of the Franklin Mint's "The Genius Of Michelangelo". The set includes a total of sixty (60) solid sterling silver medals.
Coins are in in plastic containers and in very good condition condition with some age toning or discoloration of several of the coins, on the first three pages. They have never been handled. Franklin Mint put out this collection in the 1970's. Each sleeve is titled in gold lettering with the subject of the masterpieces contained on that sleeve. Next to each coin, also in gold lettering, is the full title of the work, as well as the location of the work.
Each sleeve is entitled as follows:
* Frescoes From The Sistine Chapel Ceiling - contains The Creation Of Adam, The Temptation, The Gathering of the Waters, Noah's Sacrifice, The Prophet Jonah, The Delphic Sibyl, The Universal Flood, Judith and Holofernes, The Death of Haman, and the Head of God
* Frescoes From The Sistine Chapel Ceiling - contains The Creation Of The Sun And The Moon, The Prophet Jeremiah, David And Goliath, The Creation of Eve, Ignudo, The Cumaean Sibyl, The Expulsion, The Prophet Isaiah, The Libyan Sibyl, The Forefathers of Christ
* The Last Judgment, Other Paintings And
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