Genius of Michelangelo Sterling Silver Coin Collection

Genius of Michelangelo Sterling Silver Coins

This is magnificent First Edition Proof Set of The Franklin Mint's "The Genius Of Michelangelo" includes a total of Sixty (60) solid sterling silver medal coins. Each coin is individually hallmarked and edge marked with the registration number 12265.

--> Coins are in mint condition with some discoloration from age. They have never been handled without gloves

--> My father bought this collection beginning in 1969. A letter dated 12/20/74 is included with the set announcing the final medal of this Proof Edition (5 years after initial offering).

--> Included are descriptive booklets for each coin and an additional booklet describing the reverse side of all of the coins.

--> The album is set up with six sleeve pages holding 10 coins each at a total weight of 14.5 lbs.

--> Each sleeve is titled in gold lettering with the subject of the masterpieces contained in it.

--> Next to each coin, also in gold lettering, is the full title of the work and its location.

--> Each Coin: Diameter = 44 Weight = 40.25 grams Alloy = .925 Total Silver Content = 71.82 troy ounces

A complete inventory of this collection:

PAGE 1: Frescoes From The Sistine Chapel Ceiling
1. The Creation
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