Gentle Dove D/M 161/2" Porcelain Doll 1993 by J Belle

This is named Gentle Dove by Danbury Mint a part of the Bride Series she is a 16 1/2" doll has the marking of "J Belle 1993, MBI and the letters O//M OR U/M. This doll is a beautiful porcelain hand painted face with brown glass eyes (photo #3) and porcelain hands and legs with a cloth body. She was release in 1993 and has been a part of the sellers personal collect and has been sitting on shelf or packed away, she is 16 years old and in excellent condition, may need light dusting but doll, clothes, hair is beautiful. T is no box, tag or certificate. In her hair is feathers and bead work to hold her braids and she has a beaded hair piece and earrings that match (see photo #1 & 3). Her outfit is a long red wool dress trim around the neck arms and hem with navy blue felt t is extensive white bead work zig zag around the neck portion and t are individual corn shape size beads sown on the front top section that are suppose to represent elk teeth (see photo #3) with a beaded belt. All the bead work is extensive and matches from top to toe no flaws or damage. The pants under the red dress is navy blue felt with bead work running down the sides and at the hem of the pants plus t are beige suede moccasins with matching bead work (see photo # 4) This doll is very unquie and has alot of extensive beadwork and also carries bead featd hand ... read more