Gentner Comrex DH22 Digital Hybrid II Broadcast Phone

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Gentner/Clear One/Comrex DH22 Digital Hybrid Broadcast Phone Interface

Dual Line Version • 2 Independent Hybrids in 1U Rack Unit

Industry-Standard Telephone Interface Unit with Automatic Digital Line Nulling

Mint Condition • Ready for Installation • Guaranteed to Arrive Fully Working for US Bidders

FAST Shipping - Ships same/next day via FedEx for US Bidders!
International Bids Welcome (Please see additional comments below)

Photos are of the actual item for sale


This auction is for a Gentner Digital Hybrid broadcast phone-in interface - which connects a telephone line to your broadcast console. A computer-controlled line optimization process (the burst of white noise you hear when the DJ answers the call) ensures that the system is adjusted for the specific line conditions associated with each incoming call.

The large majority of phone-in calls you hear on the air today are passing through one of this range of boxes. The device may also be used to provide an IFB feed to remote talent over a phone line.

Cosmetic and functional condition is excellent - the photos are of the actual item for sale. The unit has been tested by connecting an audio source to the send input and an amp/speaker
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