Gentner DH20 Digital Hybrid Radio Broadcast Phone Audio Console Interface Comrex

Gentner/Clear One/Comrex DH20 Digital Hybrid Broadcast Phone Interface

Used, Good Condition • 115/230V • Industry-Standard Telephone Interface Unit with Digital Line Nulling

Ready for Installation • Guaranteed to Arrive Fully Working

FAST Shipping - Ships same/next day
International Bids Welcome (Please see additional comments below)

Photos are of the actual item for sale

Note that this unit is missing the cover panel for the adjustment controls. Replacement panels I believe are available from Comrex if needed. For your peace of mind, I will offer bidders a guarantee that this item will arrive in the working condition described in the listing - provided that you notify me of any issues within 48 hours of receipt and that the cover has not been removed. No other warranty, express or implied, is offered. Cosmetic condition is good - the photos are of the actual item for sale. The unit has been tested by connecting an audio source to the send input and an amp/speaker to the mix output. The unit passes audio in both directions in broadcast quality. Listing comprises the unit only, no other cables, accesories or documents are included.


This auction is for a Gentner Digital Hybrid broadcast phone-in interface - which connects a telephone line to your broadcast console.
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