Gentner GT1524 Conferencing Hybrid Echo Canceller

Gentner GT1524 Conferencing Hybrid Echo Canceller

you are bidding on a Gentner GT1524 Conferencing Hybrid Echo Canceller. it is in excellent working condition. see pixs.

The GT1524 provides the highest possible audio quality available in a single channel echo canceller. It features an integrated telephone interface that enables telephone participants of an audio or video conference to sound as if they are actually in the same room. Plus, it features simultaneous two-wire/four-wire operation so you can audio conference and video conference at the same time. And t's no white noise setup; the GT1524 adapts automatically.

The GT1524 performs a variety of complex, integrated audio functions using digital signal processors (DSPs). Adjustments in level and other functions can be made via front panel programming, activation through a closure on the rear panel, or an RS-232 serial interface.

comes with 14 days warranty.

The integrated telephone interface provides the GT1524's audio conferencing capability and can be customized to suit your needs. It can be set to automatically answer upon detection of a valid ring and automatically disconnect on loop drop or call progress tones. The GT1524 includes a built-in five-watt power amp. The amp delivers 5W of output power into a 4 ? speaker, eliminating the
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