Genuine 1970 California license plate sticker mint 3774

This listing is for a 1970 California license plate renewal sticker , for use on automobile, truck, trailer or motorcycle plates . I've obscured the last 3 digitsof the serial number in the scan to protect against "cloning" of this sticker by makers of reproduction stickers. Only the buyer will see the whole serial number. I believe that the DMV may be keeping records of the serial numbers of stickers already used in the YOM program and thus would reject a subsequent submission of the same sticker number. This sticker is in mint condition, is untrimmed and has been reclaimed from a license plate. It could easily pass for NOS . According to the text of the YOM law, the DMV will verify that your plates match the model year of your vehicle. Quote from DMV website: " The year sticker displayed on the plates must coincide with the year model of the vehicle being registered with the exception of 1963 year model vehicles ". Don't be disappointed when the DMV clerk tells you that you can't register your YOM plates because you don't have the proper year sticker. Get it NOW. This sticker is the real deal, a genuine sticker removed from a vintage license plate. As a genuine sticker, it's fully reflective, as all DMV issued stickers are. It is the correct color and typeface and will not fade or be damaged by water. I guarantee all my stickers ... read more