Genuine 19th Cenuine Khamseh Federation Qashqie Persian Tribal Rug 4 collector

Genuine 19th Genuine Khamseh Federation Qashqie Persian Tribal Rug 4 collectors with No reserve!
What a beauty!

Here is one of the most fascinating 3rd Q 19th Century South West Tribal Persian weaving's I h ave ever seen or owned or offered.
Circa: 1850-1875
Made famous by the Qashkuli Tribes of these nomadic people for the their fine quality, ( as people used to confuse craftsmanship, and cookie cutter pieces with art.
The real ART of the Khamseh Federation is really embedded within their ability to capture and reflect nature!
Not that this is a course piece - its not at all - but the imaginative dynamics of the color range and incredibly original
drawing - spacing and iconography make it a STAR!
Once you see her in person - you will be flushed with emotion and sense the sensitivity as the weaver was able to capture just the right nuances of organic dyes to radiate the perfect angstroms - essential to touch your soul and inner being.
Hand Woven Wool + Wool Foundation + Organic Natural dyes
If you love antique rugs for their creative subliminal communication this one will DELIVER!
it does have two three small holes which I have tried to image and a small reweave at the the top which was done a long long long time ago. the sides are original the ends are missing a bit and un even - see images

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