Genuine Alabama Arrowhead With Sharkteeth & Frame

Geniune Alabama Chert point. This point is a nice size one and comes with four fossil shark teeth measures 2 7/8 In. long X 1 1/4 In. wide. It comes with a glass covered box.

I have been collecting Indian artifacts for over 40 years. I am currently a officer in the Rebel State Archaeological Society and have been for 15 years. I am also a member in the Heart of Dixie Collectors Club. All artifacts that I sell are guaranteed to be genuine. Home is in Southwest AL. but my collection is a result of a lot legwork in the Southeast part of the good ole U.S.A. If you should have ANY questions about anything I have for sale be sure and e-mail me i WILL reply. I am a honest person and will always do the right thing and I ask the same of you. If you have a certain item you are looking for let me know I will see if I have it and if I do I will put it up for bids. I will take personal checks and money orders and Pay Pal T will be a wait for personal checks to clear. These artifacts have a 30 day warranty.

All my artifacts have been found or obtained by legal means. I do not dig and only hunt on private land.

If you chose not insure this item I will NOT be responsable for loss or damage. By you biding on item you have agreed to the above