This antique weathervane came from a collector who said it was made prior to WWI, but I cannot prove this one way or the other. It is definitely old, and I have never seen this particular motif---a farrier or blacksmith shoeing a horse. It is iron, with a frame riveted on one side to strengthen it. It is meant to slide onto a pole. It looks like it was painted or coated with what I call old barn red paint, and t is rust showing, which could be coated again by a new owner. T are no rust holes. This is a substantial piece---34 1/2 inches long x 21 inches in height, and it weighs about 9 pounds when packed. This is a great piece for the serious collector, and looks great when hung on a wall.

I checked on the size box I planned to use, and the shipping is too expensive---I will sandwich the vane between heavy cardboard (carefully wrapped) to mail it and I am sure the shipping will be 30.00 or less. In fact, I guarantee it. I can't change the shipping calculator, which is based on a mirror box, but I can add this note!