Genuine Authentic Porcelain Limoge Box "Radish" Peint Main

This radish is a genuine, authentic porcelain limoge box which was made in the region of Limoge, France where artisans have been making these boxes for centuries. Originally used as boxes to hold needles, then snuff and later pills, these boxes experienced a tremendous upsurge in popularity in the 1970's and forward as decorative boxes themselves. Now the boxes are still hand painted and fired many, many times to get the beautiful high shine on these boxes. There are companies making trinket box ripoffs but none of these can compare to the handmade quality of a true Limoge box.
This radish box measures 2 inches long and 1 1/4 inches wide. The colors are bright and true to the look of a radish. The clasp is a bunny rabbit! It is very cute and a box that I do not see very often. Inside the bottom of the box is written Peint Main Limoge France 300-300 JP. This appears to be the last in the edition that J.P. made in the radish ! "Have a Beary Good Auction!"

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