Genuine AT&T Bell Western Electric Pay Phone Payphone Public Telephone

Genuine AT&T Western Electric Public Telephone
This is a genuine AT&T public telephone that was manufactured in the USA in the 1970's.
Includes the coin box, two upper lock keys and two lower lock keys and the actual Western Electric T Key
Professionally refurbished . You will not be disappointed!
New Handset installed.
Stripped down and newly painted black .
New Chrome Faceplate and new Chrome cradle (the handset rests on the cradle when not in use)
Keypad and chrome hook switch cleaned and polished
Chrome vault door - cleaned and polished. Note there are a few small scratches on the vault door, but very minor
Comes complete with the electronic circuit board that was used by the bell operating companies. The large ringers are part of this circuit board which on a incoming call produces the loud famous ring unique to a pay phone. N ote: beware of imitations on Ebay that do not include this board . You can see the board in the pictures. It is mounted inside the phone on the right side and is very important for collectible value. Some sellers build a circuit board and attach it to the dial unit. This was not how the phone was built and will affect the value appreciation. Board produces a tone as money is deposited, nice sound as per original field installatio
Pay Telephone
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